WhiteWater Newfoundlands
Established in 1995, we strive to bring you healthy and happy newfs
with great attitudes.  Here are some of our much-loved adults.
Oscar has a masterful attitude.  He is a
BIG fellow, very loving. He  is a lively
individual, always happy, a 'velcro dog'.
His pups have his wonderful disposition.
Our Grand Teton
He is a very impressive fellow.  
Everyone wants to take him home.
years old and his newest litter will be due
(hopefully) in mid-N
ovember out of
Abby is such a gentle girl and  passes her gentle
attitude to all her pups.  We've been perfectly
pleased and looking for more pups soon.
Emma is very quiet and so willing to please.  
She seems to anticipate what one wants
before being asked.
 She'll be bred to Oscar.
Lucy is a happy-go-lucky girl.  She is
very, very big for a female and has BIG
pups.  She is being bred to Teton, the
biggest newf you've ever seen.  This is
truly exciting!
Sophie is a kick!  She's young, bright,
happy, and alway lifts my spirit.  She is a
big dog, husky and muscled.  She should
have puppies in November.