WhiteWater Newfoundlands
Oscar has a masterful attitude.  He is a BIG fellow,
very loving. He  is a lively individual, always happy, a
'velcro dog'.
His pups have his wonderful disposition.
Our Grand Teton
He is a very impressive fellow, so bright and
happy.  Everyone wants to take him home.
He will sire a litter due in late May.
Emma is very quiet and so willing to please.  
She seems to anticipate what one wants
before being asked.  She will be bred to
Teton on her next heat.
Lucy is a happy-go-lucky girl.  She  Will be a mom
in late May.  She is bred to Teton, the BIG black
fellow shown upper left.
Sophie is a kick!  She's young, bright,
happy, and alway lifts my spirit.  She is a
big dog, husky and muscled.  She, too  
whelped on Decembe 4 with pups  by
Abby is the softest, sweetest girl that I
have ever met.  She is a great mom and  
gives us beatiful pups.
Our Proud Parents.  When looking for a pup, one
should look at the parents and their pedigree.  
Handsome parents, beautiful kids.